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Customer Service Promotions for SalesForce

The key towards getting success in the market of competition is excellent customer service and that needs to be promoted with various reward programs to motivate the customers to stay with the brand for a long time. We at NextBee realize how important it is for your brand to generate more revenue and build buzz around your brand. As a SalesForce- Cloud Computing and CRM user, you must have some unique requirements like: connect to the customers like never before and increase customer service for social enterprise. That is the reason we have built customer service promotion programs especially for your requirements.

The customer service promotion program from NextBee has the following modules:

1.           Customized programs to be suited as per the customer’s requirements.

2.           Build strong and positive relationship with the customers and employees.

3.           Programs filled up with fun and excitement.

4.           Economic solution to spread brand awareness in the target community.

With the customer service promotion program and being NextBee at your side, you as a SalesForce - cloud computing and CRM user you can now do the following:

1.           Reach out to the influencer who has affinity toward the brand, has truly authoritative voice, and social following.

2.           Custom metrics and APIs define and track member engagement.

3.           Incentives for members and reps encourage loyalty and advocacy.

4.           Reduce churn, improve the adoption of new features and functionality.

Beyond NextBee’s awesome products, our team is passionate about bringing in the changes driven by social media adoption in all spheres of your business. Since every client engagement is unique, so are the exact services provided. We provide you with the most cost effective customer service promotion programs to get flood of new customers in a short period of time guaranteed.

To conclude this, if you are a SalesForce – cloud computing and CRM user, and if your goal is to maximize your revenue and build strong relationship with the members / customers, then NextBee’s customer service programs will be the perfect fit for your industry. You can request more information by giving us a quick call at 1-800-547-1618 and talk to the experts and get your campaign live.


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