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Customer Retention Programs


In this growing competition organizations are changing their attitude towards advertisement and marketing. Brands are utilizing social media channels, emails, and other online techniques in their marketing system to get the benefit out of it. Loyalty marketing, referral marketing, buzz marketing and viral marketing has become the new faces of the modern marketing, wherein the organizations don’t have to spend more towards advertising but at the same time get their desired results towards sales and thus increasing in their ROI.


NextBee has achieved greater success to drive customers towards the brand with advanced customer retention programs. Some of the important features are:


1.       Custom metrics and APIs define and track member engagement.

2.       Incentives for members and reps encourage loyalty and advocacy.

3.       Pro-active triggers, auto responders, and offers save accounts.

4.       Support from technical account managers is available 24/7.


With our experienced technical team available round the clock, clients gets support all the time. Retaining customers is the most difficult phase which almost all the organizations face, however with the effective utilization of the retention programs; it has now become reality to get more customers and to get the attention of new customers.

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