Member Retention Program for Credit Unions


Member Retention Program for Credit Unions

In this competitive market where there is tough competition amongst each other in the same vertical are trying hard to retain their existing members and customers and to attract fresh members. Every organization including the credit unions are applying different techniques to retain their members but everyone is not lucky enough to get the desired results. Because of the plenty of options available in front of the members organizations are facing hard time.

As a Credit Union head you must have some unique requirements from the member retention programs like:

1.     Retention programs must have the capability to attract new members.

2.     Inexpensive approach to spread brand awareness in the market.

3.     The programs must be filled up with fun and excitement that will motivate members to stick to the brand.

4.     Fast, easy and customized widgets as per the requirements of the members.

Looking at these above different aspects of the programs, NextBee’s Member Retention Programs will be the perfect fit for your Credit Unions. The program will not only help the credit unions to get flood of new members but also it will motivate the existing members to stick to the same brand for a long time.

Few of the features of NextBee’s Member Retention Programs are:

1.     Reduce churn with our integrated incentive programs for customers and account representatives.

2.     Custom metrics and APIs define and track member engagement.

3.     Incentives for members and reps encourage loyalty and advocacy.

4.     Pro-active triggers, auto responders, and offers save accounts.

Besides NextBee’s awesome member retention software programs, the customer service is really excellent. Our expert team members will help throughout the program and will support you till you get your target. We have proven track record of success.

The next step should be to give us a call at - 1-800-547-1618 and fix up a meeting with our experts.

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