Consumer to Consumer Marketing Strategies


Consumer to Consumer Marketing

Consumer to consumer marketing, commonly referred to as C2C is a marketing technique whereby manufacturing companies create products or goods and leave the job of promotion and advertising to the consumers themselves. As such, consumers act as advocates of that particular product.

The consumer to consumer marketing strategy can only be effective if the companies employing it have a clear understanding of consumer behavior. Consumers are the most crucial determinants of whether any product employing this marketing technique can survive in the market. Some of the issues discussed in consumer behavior consist of the following;

1.       It is very critical for the company employing consumer to consumer marketing technique to understand customers’ preferences. For instance, how customers think or feel about a particular product will determine how they will talk about it to other customers.


2.       A company must also understand the influence of the environment to a customer’s perception about a product. There are instances where drastic changes in the environment may result in customers disliking or liking a certain product.


3.       It is also crucial for a company employing the consumer to consumer marketing technique to fully comprehend customers’ behaviors while shopping. This will help the company to design a product that will wrap will wrap itself into these behaviors.

Consumer to consumer marketing basically uses the word of mouth for efficiency. If consumers are pleased with a certain product or service, it is very likely that they will inform other customers to try it out. There are also instances where if customers like a product from a certain retailer, they tend to cling to the company for the provision of other related goods or services.

In simple words, consumer to consumer marketing does not work for only one product since customers can also demand for provision of other products from the same company. As such a company can also market itself using consumer to consumer marketing.

This marketing technique has been employed mostly by online companies since there are so many potential customers and a wider target market to poach. One consequence of consumer to consumer marketing is increase in the number of competitors as such companies looking to employ this marketing technique must ensure that their products surpass the competitors in all specifications for maximum efficiency.

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