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In this slowdown economy, organizations are finding it really difficult to retain an existing customer and to attract new prospects towards the business. Determining which marketing strategy will be the best option for the B2B industry, which will have a great impact on creating opportunities towards increasing ROI and getting high-quality leads. Referral marketing is the best option to reach out to the new users, influence them with rewards and incentives and generating sales in a low budget situation. The goodwill and the brand awareness are very important, however if the budget is low then opting for referral programs in your marketing system will help you to generate ample sales.


The key points towards the success of B2B referral programs are:

1.      Generating high-quality and targeted leads.

2.      Fast and easy to setup.

3.      Easily customizable in a cost-effective way.

4.      User-friendly interface with less IT support.


NextBee’s referral programs for B2B is the perfect fit for your business as the widget is fast and easy to setup on any platform. NextBee’s ROI-positive marketing campaign generates an immediate revenue boost and transforms your relationship with your brand advocates. It also supports:

  •      Intuitive email-a-friend and social sharing widgets.
  •      User rewards tied to actual sales.
  •      Support for overlays, emails, and microsites.
  •      Dedicated support from account managers.


All of NextBee’s campaigns use our unique, extensive, and in depth tracking of customer activity. This allows you to monitor the results and gains of your advertising campaign in a tangible way. Profit and growth from your advertising becomes concrete and trackable, rather than leaving things to the vague and murky world of internet randomness, or any other form of difficult to track grains from an advertising budget. 

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