Referral Programs for your 3D Cart Store


How to Have a Successful Referral Program for Your 3D cart Store?

Every businessman knows how important customers are. And therefore, many methods are used to increase the number of customers. If you have an online 3D cart store, one of the best option is having a referral program. Here is why a referral program is a good choice for a 3D cart store:

1.       Less sales expenditure: A referral program requires very small budget when compared to full-fledged advertising campaigns. This is very important is world of online stores as whole point of having an online store is to increase the customer base at a fraction of cost.

2.       More satisfied customers: when a happy customer refers you to his friends and family, there are high chances that they will also find your products and services good.

3.       More sales: people trust the opinion of their friends. So when a happy customers to their friends, you can expect more revenue when compared to if those customers would have come from other ways, like search engine results.

Now how exactly a referral program works? Well, it is a very simple and easy concept. To start with, you need to plug-in good referral software in your online store. Now once in place, this software will send an email to a customer which purchases a product from your store. In this email, the customer is invited to join the referral program of your store and is promised some rewards in returns of referrals. For example, many store owners offer points, discounts, cash etc. 

Now the customer shares this offer with her friends and family. This sharing can be done in many ways- from forwarding the email which has the link to the offer to promoting the offer on their social networking site accounts. Now usually, this offer has some sort of discount for the customer’s friends. When they use this shared link to purchase something from your online store, they get a discount. And your referring customer earns their rewards or points.

But how to know which referral software will be best for your 3D cart store? Good referral software plug-in will have some of these must have features:

1.       All included: Good software will include every contact which you have ever known, right from the customers of your products to the fans of the Facebook page of your online store. A comprehensive list will ensure that your promotional offer reaches to everyone.

2.       Relevant: The offers must be relevant and in context of prior shopping list of the customer. After all, how would you feel if you are bald and some store is offering 50% discount on combs and hair dryers? Put off, right? Therefore, good referral software should ensure that the referral offers to customers should be relevant and contextual.

3.       Easy to share: In this age of social networking sites, you can earn big revenues from the referrals which come through links shared on social networking sites. Therefore, all the promotional and referral offers must be easy to share on popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc.

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