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Anyone looking to quickly and easily set up an online store will likely look at ecommerce templates as an option. Setting up an ecommerce site can require a good deal of work, programming, and security measures, but using a ready-made, customizable template can save time, effort, and money, all of which can be spent on marketing and advertising to help your site quickly achieve success and notoriety. Getting a site ready to accept credit cards is a major undertaking, so the less work you can avoid, and the more you can have done by someone else, the better. Using ecommerce templates allow users to merely customize them to fit into the company's color scheme and style, and add the products and info, and the site is almost ready to go.

Costs and Skills Required

Even though ecommerce templates can save time, some advanced skills are still needed. Understanding at least the basics of website design, HTML, and some design programs like Dreamweaver, Frontpage, and perhaps even Photoshop will help make installation easier. Turnkey ecommerce sites can be purchased from about $100 and up, and unique sites for several times that much.

Checklist for Selecting Template for eCommerce Site

  • Inbuilt shopping cart software or at least compatibility with standard shopping carts
  • Fully customizable
  • Online and telephone support
  • Free web design elements (logos, photos, fonts, sounds, icons, etc)
  • Easily integrated to various hosts
  • Tutorials
  • Works with Dreamweaver and Frontpage

Implementation Details

Ecommerce templates can cut website building time down by several times, and if you don't want the hassle of having to design and build your own site, then an ecommerce template is for you. Oftentimes, package deals are available which include site building, hosting, domain names registration, and everything else needed to get a sight off the ground. Basically what is needed is to sign up for a domain, choose your template, and customize it. Creating logos and adding interesting content to your site will also help your site to look professional and to help in the search engine rankings. When writing your content, be sure to keep an eye on the keywords you have targeted and to use them often in your writing.

Continue to Part II: eCommerce Website Templates»

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