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eCommerce hosting works much like any type of web hosting service, except that it offers some features that are specialized towards online businesses. This type of hosting offers large amounts of bandwidth, shopping cart solutions, SSL (a site security feature), site building software, and other features that most online merchants may need. As the internet continues to grow and develop, ecommerce hosting services continue to offer more and more features, including almost everything needed to build, set up, and get a site off the ground. Better ecommerce hosting sites will have as much integrated into their service as possible.

Costs and Skills Required

eCommerce hosting is a monthly service that can cost anywhere from a few dollars per month to the tens of dollars. Other features, such as different packs, larger amounts of bandwidth, and some installation costs may be added on, depending on the individual host. These days, most eCommerce hosting sites include shopping carts, merchant accounts, guides, and marketing and traffic boosting services. In fact, most everything anyone needs as far as tools are concerned, is included with the monthly charges to set up and run a site. eCommerce hosting services have gotten to the point where they are so user-friendly and easy to set up, integrate, and manage that people of almost any skill level can use them.

Notes for Developers

Website owners will already have a hosting service supporting their site, but those just starting out may want to sign up with a hosting service which offers a site building package to quickly and easily create a site. If not, programs such a Dreamweaver or FrontPage are the industry standards for creating sites. Once the site is built, hosting services are needed to register the domain name, as well as to put the site online and maintain it. A good hosting service should guarantee over 99% uptime and should respond quickly to emails or phone calls.

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