Expert Advice for Online Word of Mouth Marketing

Tips and Tactics

  • If you have some skill in design or writing, creating a short and highly interesting video clip and then uploading it to YouTube and the other internet video sites is one way to create a viral effect. Every day people email each other funny or crazy videos to watch. If you can create one that people will want to watch, and attach your product or company name to it, you may be able to create a viral campaign.
  • Creating a culture around a product, service, or company can help consumers to feel a part of a group. Users of Apple computers are fiercely loyal to the brand, and have no problem telling others about the benefits of the products. In order for customers to feel involved, the company must offer amazing customer service, product education, and company openness. Give customers a way to leave feedback and testimonials about the product so they can share their experiences with others, and encourage them to do so.

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