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Tips and Tactics

  • Advertising is one of the most important ways of generating money from a website, and numerous types of marketing exist. Understanding the differences between them, and picking the one that is best for your company will go a long way towards achieving success. CPC, or cost per click, advertising is a method in which an advertiser pays a certain amount for each click, or visitor that is sent to his site. CPA advertising means that the advertiser's ad runs until a certain criteria has been met, such as 100 sales, or 100 leads generated. The ad runs for as long as it takes.
  • Before rushing out to purchase software, it's important to know exactly what you need, as different companies offer different packages. Google, for example, puts an amazing amount of analytical software at the hands of its advertisers, which may be better than what software companies can offer.

Additional Tools

  • Advertising campaigns, such as Google's AdWords, or AdSense
  • Dreamweaver or other design suite which allows you to implement changes


  • offers a wide variety of articles and resources on website optimization and promotion, as well as different software packages
  • offers website optimization software packages for companies of differing sizes, as well as some research materials
  • is one of the more popular website optimization software packages available

Alternatives to Consider

What is important to remember is, while there is software available to tackle most any project, lots of these actions can be done manually, and many should be done while the website is being developed. Things like writing content with keywords, linking your internal pages, and some grassroots promotional techniques can be done as the site is being developed, and once they are done, don't need to be revisited again.

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