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Directory submitters are useful tools that help webmasters save time by submitting websites or advertisements to many different directories at one time. Directories are basically akin to online versions of yellow and white pages that are found in telephone directories. Submitting websites to many different directories gives website a better chance of being found by users who are searching for related keywords. From a search engine optimization (SEO) standpoint, website directories are great ways to increase your website's quality score, page rank, and presence because search engines look for pages which have links pointing to them from other highly ranked sites.

Costs and Skills Required

Although free directory submitters can be found online, and others offer free trials, serious webmasters who have or manage many different sites, would consider buying the software, which can be purchased for less than $100. Anyone with a basic knowledge of the internet and how search engines and directories work can use a website directory submitter. No special skills are required other than the very basics.

Usage Scenario

Getting a website indexed is quite an easy process, but for new webmasters who follow Google's outlines, they could be made to wait days or weeks for Google to get around to indexing their site. Submitting a website to a directory is a much quicker way for new sites to get indexed, and for existing sites to improve their rankings by adding more links directed to their site. Before using a website submitter, be sure that the sites it will be submitting to have high Google PageRankings. Being linked to sites with low PageRankings will actually do more harm than good, so be careful.

Checklist for Selecting Website Directory Submitter

  • SEO friendly links
  • User testimonials
  • High Google PageRank
  • Relevant to your site, or categorized to include your topic

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