Directory Submission for New Websites

Tips and Tactics

  • Before submitting your site to directories, you should be absolutely sure that your website is in top shape, that all links are working, and that landing pages and content is ready to go. Submitting to directories means that the number of people who can see your site more easily will increase dramatically, so making sure that you give off a professional image is key.
  • Make sure that your site is included in the correct category and is actually accepted and not banned. Submitting to an incorrect category, or submitting a poor quality site can not only result in not getting much business, but also can actually get your site banned from some directories. Be sure that you follow all submission guidelines, and monitor which sites the software is submitting your site to.
  • A quick and easy way to determine a page's rank is by using Google's toolbar. It can be downloaded from Google for free and instantly shows a page's rank when the page opens.

Additional Tools

  • Keyword optimization software
  • Web analytics
  • Classified ads poster
  • Keyword analysis tool

Alternatives to Consider

  • offers a directory submission software which can help increase traffic, PageRank, and almost instantly link your site to hundreds or thousands of directories
  • Quanta Web Design has some great tips on submitting articles and websites to directories here
  • Directory Site Submit is an SEO company which offers a variety of optimization services designed to increase page rankings and improve link popularity
  • Google's toolbar can be downloaded here

Alternatives to Consider

Submitting to directories automatically creates links coming in to your website and is a form of SEO. Another way to make sure that your site ranks highly in the search engines, is to internally optimize it through keywords, on-site links, and by using meta and alt tags. Writing content with one eye towards readability and the other towards the search engines is the key to giving readers the information that they have come to your site for, and will also help to move and keep your site at the top of the rankings.

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