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Web analytics is the study and data collection of visitors to a website, and when used in ecommerce, is a powerful tool that merchants use to understand their clients, visitors, and customers. The type of data collected can vary from site to site, but can include traffic patters, email response rates, sales information, and other metrics. Cookies are a key tool used to collect this information, and many companies offer software or professional web analytics services. Google is a leader in the industry of analytics.

Costs and Skills Required

Analytics software can range from free to hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for programs and services. Google's advertising programs come with free software that customers can use to compile data. Other programs can be found online that are free to try for a limited time, and then purchase later. Many of the software programs that make up web analytics are simple to run, but to properly analyze the data that the reports contain and to make the most of it, some marketing and data analysis skill is needed. Likewise, to be able to take advantage of the new information, and to make the necessary changes to the website to use the data to increase business, users will need to have a certain amount of technical skill in modifying ad campaigns and websites.

Usage Details

Web analytics should be used by anyone with a website to better understand their customers and their traffic. Someone with an ecommerce site who is running any sort of advertising campaign, can use these tools to determine which campaigns are effective, and which are wasting money. Analytics also can tell you which of your partner sites are outperforming and which are underperforming, so that you can adjust your campaign accordingly. Some of the other features offered are visitor tracking, commerce, conversions, and detailed analysis of online advertising. Web analytics can also be used to make adjustments to your website, for those thinking of revamping or remodeling. One such instance could be to design several different landing pages, and then using analytical software to judge them each head to head to determine which is the most popular, which leads to more conversions, and which ones visitors spend the most time on. This software also allows users to determine which times of the day, week, month, and year that traffic as at its highest.

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