Web Design for Maxium Sales and Low Drop Rate

Checklist for Selecting Analytics Program

  • Use of tracking cookies
  • Click through rate
  • Conversion rate
  • Customer support 24/7
  • Graphing Tools

Tips and Tactics

  • Checking your bounce rate is a quick and easy way to measure your landing page, and to determine if it is holding back your business. Basically the bounce rate is the percentage of people who immediate leave, or 'bounce', from that page without entering into the site further. Having a couple of different landing pages to try and compare will let you know if one of them is driving people away.
  • Compare, compare, compare, especially with keywords. Look for trends within larger groups, and see if certain peripheral keywords are performing better than some which you deem as your major ones. Conversion rates and cost-per-sale are great ways to measure this metric.

Additional Tools

  • Keyword tool
  • Tracking cookies
  • Hit counter
  • SEO tools


  • Searchmarketinggurus.com offers an article outlining some easy web analytics tips that can help to improve your business
  • Clicktracks.com has a great, in-depth series of videos featuring examinations and explanations of web analytics
  • Google's advertisers have a great deal of free tools at their disposal. Google.com explains their program here

Alternatives to Consider

Google's analytics programs are the industry standard, but another company called Engine Ready is beginning to make some waves and get good user reviews. Although both are very similar, some users may prefer Engine Ready's interface and features.

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