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Web 2.0 refers to the newer generation of websites which are moving away from the original individual sites, which were for the most part static, to a new wave of shared, dynamic sites, which are continually updated and whose content is oftentimes created by a network of different users. Web 2.o typically refers to blogs, social networking sites, targeted marketing, and podcasting. Web 2.0 marketing seeks to take advantage of these new sites through a new breed of marketing which is more flexible and affordable for smaller and mid-range entities. Web 2.0 allows for the use of different forms of multimedia and communications services, such as webcams, audio file transfers, video advertising, wikis, and blogs to reach a wider audience with different and more innovative and exciting types of ads.

Costs and Skills Required For Web 2.0 Marketing

The costs for Web 2.0 marketing can really be as much or as little as an advertiser wishes to spend. Less money, combined with lots of creativity and hard work can pay off just as well as spending thousands of dollars per month to a professional marketing firm. There are also quite a few ways to use grassroots or word of mouth marketing through social networking sites or blogs which are basically free. The big search engines and online advertising companies such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, and others are now broadening their services to include more Web 2.0 possibilities for roughly the same cost as previous advertising programs.


The time needed to see results from Web 2.0 marketing campaigns varies depending on the type of campaign. When professional companies are paid, results should be expected sooner, although time should be given to analyze and compile results. Word of mouth campaigns and others seeking to create a viral effect should be given more time, perhaps weeks or months, to judge effectiveness.

Execution Plan

Web 2.0 marketing is a key component of modern internet advertising, and any online marketing campaign will likely be composed of several elements of this. A good strategy to get started would be to start with a simple blog used to speak directly to customers. Professional bloggers can be hired for very reasonable prices to update the blog and keep it running smoothly. Blogs can be set up for free, and provide a great entry point into the next generation of web marketing.

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