Viral Marketing Tips and Techniques

Usage Scenario

Whether your message is a video, newsletter, joke of the day, or whatever else, distribution is the key to success, and that distribution begins with having a good contact list. Whatever its size, this list must allow you to send your message to this group with the knowledge that they are interested and motivated clients, whose passion will allow for your message to be passed along. Using viral marketing tools to help create, send, and track the messages, will allow you to see and track those messages that are being passed along. Some of this software allows users to create emails which are formatted in such a way that each time they are forwarded, they still will keep their same form, and the images will be left intact.

Tips and Tactics

  • Do not make it too sophisticated campaigns to come across as professional promotion
  • Have a simple and compelling story for your campaign
  • Make sure the timing of the campaign is right
  • Find the right seed users for your campaign

Additional Tools


  • WilsonWeb has an article outlining what viral marketing is, and some elements of how to run an effective campaign
  • has an article outlining some good methods for creating a viral effect for your promotions

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