Viral Campaign Through Rapid Email Forwards

Tips and Tactics

  • Of course, it goes without saying that the more people who receive your emails give you a greater chance of creating a viral effect, so companies who are looking to engage in an email marketing campaign should always be looking for ways to increase their leads and mailing lists. Running contests and chances for giveaways for signing up for mailing lists are good ways to keep building lists and to keep them fresh.
  • Loyalty programs are another great idea to boost interest and offer deals to loyal customers. Giving discounts and rewards to good customers ways to show your appreciation, as well as to earn you a good reputation for fair dealing and generosity.
  • Adding a "Buy Now" button to your emails which offer deals allows internet marketers to track sales directly from email campaigns and to judge quickly and easily how well a viral email forwarding campaign is working.
  • Incentives are keys to this type of marketing. People will not forward emails which offer no reason for them to do so. Whatever you do decide to offer - whether it is a discount, chance for a prize, or useful information - you have to make it worth someone's time to forward and email to someone else.

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