Advertising With Online Videos and Short Animated Clips

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Just a couple of years ago, online video was very much a novelty only enjoyed by those with ultra-fast connections. With the proliferation of high speed DSL and cable internet connections, video advertising has blossomed and is becoming a staple of online marketing. Sites such as and Google Video have also quickly gone from being places where users post short home videos, to places where businesses and major corporations are posting their own videos and online commercials.


Video ad production can be a fairly expensive proposition, depending on how it's done. Professional video equipment is expensive, as are professional services. However, using consumer-level equipment, a decent editing program, and some creativity, the costs can be brought down dramatically. Smaller businesses can easily get away with filming on a decent DV camera, or even on a high quality still camera with movie capabilities.


Producing a video can take as much time as you care to put into it, or as little. If lots of locations, lighting packages, and actors are used, weeks could conceivably be invested. On the other hand, a clever short ad that is straightforward and basic, could be shot and edited quickly.

Action Plan

The first step in producing a video, no matter how big or small, is coming up with the script, or guideline. Determine what you want the ad to be about, and why. Once that is done, the shooting and editing comes in. Distribution and uploading of a video ad can be done through a variety of channels. Google and YouTube, since joining each other, have begun rolling out different programs and ways for individuals and companies to join together to use their videos to generate revenue and profits. Although it is free to upload content to Yahoo, YouTube, and other such sites, joining with Google and being sponsored by the big names will certainly bring in more money.

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