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Tips and Tactics

  • Length of the video is not as important is creating a memorable scene or image. Most advertisers agree that short videos, between 10 and 30 seconds, work better online. Creating a funny or shocking scene or story that sticks in people's minds and will cause them to refer others to the video ad is more difficult.
  • The internet is very different from television, and what works for TV does not always transfer well to the online medium. The internet is more of a cinema-verite type of medium, so look for spur of the moment poignant or funny episodes that happen in real life, such as a pet who does something weird, or a strange phenomenon in the neighborhood.
  • Video ads should be specific in what actions you want your audience to take. Spell out clearly if you want them to visit another site, or call a phone number, or email for more information. You have to realize that if a viral effect is achieved, your video may end up being emailed to others and taken out of the context in the web, where you have established it.

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