Scientific Analysis of User Feedback Data

Tips and Tactics

  • Many advertising and marketing companies, such as Google, offer split testing tools free to their users. Learning some of the basics through these tools will allow users to get the general idea before moving on to more serious programs.
  • Split-testing means splitting traffic along different paths, and guiding them to different pages that you want to test. Ecommerce users can use split testing to test different sales models, such as adding or removing steps, or trying to cross sell or upsell customers.

Additional Tools

  • ROI tracking software
  • Google AdWords
  • Web Analytics
  • SEO tools
  • Marketing calculators


  • offers a useful software program for testing websites
  • offers an article on split testing which explains what it is, and offers some tips to ecommerce users on testing changes to their checkout process
  • offers a split testing program for a free trial, which can help test ads, and track clicks, leads, sales amounts, conversion rates, visitor values, and more

Additional Considerations

For ecommerce webmasters, using web analytics in conjunction with split testing will help webmasters to identify the link in their checkout process where most visitors drop out of the process, and then test strategies to correct the problem. Web analytics are highly useful tracking programs which can follow and collect data from visitors' movements as they travel through the site, and even away from it. By learning their behavior, it becomes easy for webmasters to identify and target locations for change in their site.

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