Selling to Users through Social Networks and Blogs

Tips and Tactics

  • There is only one way to learn about this new phenomenon, and that is to get started in it. Creating presences through blogs and on social media sites is free, so why not sign up and jump right in? The sooner you get started, the sooner you can start making new contacts and adding friends, which means the sooner that more and more people will start talking about your company.
  • Microblogging is a new term which just means being extremely focused on your topics when you blog. Rather than blogging about 'cars' microblogging would deal with '1965 Ford Mustangs' and create a small niche where you can more easily dominate.
  • The best strategy for using these dynamic new sites for profit is to combine all their elements, such as starting a blog, sites on Facebook, MySpace, and others, and to produce some videos to upload onto YouTube and other video sharing websites. Cross-reference your blog to your other sites, and vice versa, allows users to fully leverage all this new technology, and draw in as many readers and viewers as possible.

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