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Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the process of using social media or networking sites, such as MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Hi5, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg, and others to market and brand goods, services, companies, and websites, through encouraging discussion and feedback about the item. Since most users in these communities are savvy and sophisticated, the form of creating this interchange varies and can oftentimes backfire when done wrong. Offering authoritative or insider information about products and services, showing commercial outtakes, or starting controversy are just some ways to SMM can be done.


The real cost of SMM, if done cleverly and in-house, is just time. Larger companies who wish to hire professional services to run their campaign, can spend really as much as they like, into the thousands of dollars per month, if budgets allow.


Time will be a major expenditure for social media marketing. The time needed to set up pages on individual sites and to create an online presence can't be done overnight. Contracting some of the work to freelancers can save some time.

Execution Details

Since social media marketing is such a wide open field, people and companies are free to use their own creativity when deciding on which path to take. Creating a profile for the company or for individual products is a typical way to get started. On this profile page, you can shape the discussion and encourage discussion by posting blog entries, photos, videos, and even holding contests and asking viewers to participate. The most important aspect to remember in this type of marketing is that since you are asking for customers to become a part of the process, you must always treat them with respect. Relationships should be cultivated and developed and testimonials should be encouraged.

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