Driving Website Sales Through Social Media Connections

Tips and Tactics

  • Encouraging feedback can be as simple as posting customer's quotes about products and services, or a better way is to truly get them involved through contests. Ask them to create short videos of them using a product, and the best one wins a gift certificate, discount, or other great prize.
  • Being active online is the key to social media marketing. When running this type of campaign, it is important to keep the site fresh, up to date, and to respond to comments and emails in a timely manner. Likewise, actively seeking out friends and connections and always looking to expand your network will pay off over time with a vast list of interested and connected people.
  • One unique feature of social media marketing is the fact that customers and interested parties can associate themselves with your company through these sites, which gives them the opportunity to evangelize for you, your company, and its products. Since this is the case, and since entire social networks are built on users linking their contacts and friends to the contacts of other people. Since this whole operation is built on linking friends and contacts, making sure that your customers and clients can easily link to your site and encouraging them to do so will make sure that a social marketing campaign is a successful one.

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