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Social cause marketing is the joining together of companies with non-profit organizations to jointly advertise and raise awareness of both organizations. From the company's perspective, the integration allows them to be seen as a socially conscious and aware entity, who is donating their resources to help a good cause. In short, it shows that they have a heart. The non-profit has the advantage of having much more resources at their disposal than they are probably used to, and can raise much more money than they could on their own. Social cause marketing is typically set up where a portion of sales from an item are donated to the charity or non-profit, but can also include sponsorships, donations to auctions, and more.


Costs are dependent upon the type of program that the two enter into. Costs can range from a percentage of sales donated, to product donations, or licensing costs. Of course, not all cause marketing campaigns are financially based. Some programs are solely designed to be informative, educational, and just to generally raise awareness.


Social cause marketing is a fairly traditional form of advertising, and should take roughly the same time to take hold as most any other campaign. Whether the internet, television, print, radio, or some combination of all these is the major marketing avenue, nothing particularly special has to be done, only to slightly modify what already exists.

Execution Details

For both parties entering into a cause-based marketing campaign, it is important that each chooses a partner which is well-established and non-controversial. A business plan is also important. Determining whether to donate a percentage of sales from a certain item, or to auction off something of value, or even to sponsor a charity drive, both parties must have a realistic and pragmatic plan with a fairly accurate projection of what a cause marketing campaign will produce. Both partners should have a fairly similar worldview and mission in order for the relationship to prosper. Both parties should do due diligence on each other and the up-front an honest in the relationship. Communication must always be open and free flowing and the culture of each entity must be understood by the other.

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