Marketing With Delicious, StumbledUpon, Google Bookmarks


Social bookmarking is a trend that has recently gained traction online, and is now being used by marketers to run low-cost and effective grassroots marketing campaigns. Social bookmarks allow users to store, rank, search, share, and browse websites, videos, photos, and just about anything else found online. Some social bookmarking sites are StumbleUpon,, and Google Bookmarks. Savvy marketers are using these sites to attempt to create a viral effect through getting readers to forward the site, or tag a page or article.


Social bookmarking is a free, or very low-cost way to market your sites. If you already have a blog or website and are currently publishing online content, then adding some bookmarking features to your existing or future content just requires a bit of time.


Patience and time are needed to allow for a viral effect to take place. Writing winning web copy takes some time, and blogs should be updated at least several times per week.

Execution Details

One of the most important aspects of marketing through social bookmarking is that of cultivating friends and acquaintances to help with the distribution and dissemination of their content. What is especially important for this tactic to work is to look for influential friends with large contact lists to help. These motivated friends can work wonders in helping to build networks, recommend others, and create a large base for you to work with. It should go without saying that the content created should be of a high order and quality, since what you are basically asking people to do is to vote for it. This content should work like an entry point to your site, so in addition to the main article, photo, video, or whatever item you target for bookmarking, thought should be put into what other items to include on the page.

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