Inbound Links, Blog Posts and Other Marketing Benefits

Tips and Tactics

  • Topics covered should always be relevant, well-written, and informative to your clients. Writing for the web is a bit different than writing for a newspaper or magazine. Bullet lists, colors, font, and bold type are keys to good internet writing, as is including important keywords throughout the piece.
  • Since this is considered a type of viral marketing, trial and error and multiple attempts will likely be needed before a viral effect takes place. Lots of patience and creativity are also necessary to make these types of campaigns effective.
  • Your reputation is the most important aspect for achieving success in these campaigns, so every measure should be taken to be cordial, responsive, and helpful to your contacts. Professionalism should be at a premium, and visitors comments should be welcomed, moderated, and responded to.
  • RSS feeds are ways that readers can easily view headlines for sites or blogs which are often updated, without having to visit the site each time. Allowing your readers to add your site to their RSS feeds will give them the opportunity to quickly and easily stay current with your publications, which will eventually lead to more readers.

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