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Small businesses can use the internet and a website to a great advantage. Creating and managing a website has never been cheaper or easier, and today, businesses can create and maintain their web presence very easily. Advertising and marketing costs have never been lower, and targeting customers using Google, Yahoo, and MSN's search engine advertising programs can assure that your advertising dollars are not going to waste, and that your ads are turning up on the screens of already interested viewers.


The beauty of online marketing is that campaigns can be set for budgets of all sizes. Since targeted campaigns, such as Google's AdWords rely on auctions to set the prices of keywords, and also since anyone can afford to buy any keyword,


Small business website marketing is not a one time thing, but rather should be a part of your company that lasts as long as your company does. Keyword marketing can begin to show results immediately, but should always be monitored, adjusted, and improved. Testing several keywords at the same time and running several campaigns together, is a great way to test different strategies.

Action Plan

When starting an online business, having a well-thought out marketing plan is the key to achieving success and avoiding a litany of problems that new websites are likely to encounter along the way. A good marketing plan should include industry trends and statistics, and studies of the competition. Budgets have to be set and adhered to. For online marketers, one of the most important aspects that will lead to good sales, are the keywords purchased. All targeted marketing campaigns rely on keywords to trigger their ads on viewers' screens, and the more time that is spent studying and finding good ones, the more likely you are to find undervalued keywords, which can result in good business for low prices.

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