New Online Business Marketing Techniques

Tips and Tactics

  • If you want to drum up some free publicity, or at least some very low-cost, you can find some bloggers in your industry with successful blogs, and send them a sample of your product for review (assuming your product isn't a plasma TV or vacation home). Bloggers can be extremely influential, and many have thousands of readers who read their posts on a daily basis. If you can get some of these guys to put in a free word and link to your site, you can really get things rolling.
  • Once your website is up and running, writing and issuing a press release is another way to get some free publicity. When writing, try to keep the word count between 400-500 words, and be sure to attach all contact information, along with a link to your site.
  • Web analytics is the study and data collection of visitors to a website, and when used in ecommerce, is a powerful tool that merchants use to understand their clients, visitors, and customers. The type of data collected can vary from site to site, but can include traffic patters, email response rates, sales information, and other metrics. Cookies are a key tool used to collect this information, and many companies offer software or professional web analytics services. Google is a leader in the industry of analytics.

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