Guide for Selecting Right Shopping Cart Software

Tips and Tactics

  • Before choosing a shopping cart, a good idea is to do some research on the different types available and what features are offered and which ones you need. Investigating some other ecommerce sites and seeing what they are using and what kind of a shopping experience you have as you try each one is a good way to see what is available.
  • Simple is often the best way to go. Microsoft and Macromedia both offer quality technology as a part of their design software packages. If you have a fairly simple, straightforward site without lots of bells and whistles, using software that you know can be easily integrated into you site makes lots of sense.
  • Administration of an ecommerce site is just as important as the images and experience that the user has. Looking for a shopping cart program which offers easy and intuitive administration features will help site owners be able to easily adjust and manage their sites.
  • Newer generation shopping cart software programs are offering search engine optimization (SEO) features built in. This is a very helpful feature to have, and one which will help your site to rank high in the search engines, and will also save you plenty of time which you would have to spend doing the optimization yourself.

Additional Tools

  • Macromedia Dreamweaver
  • Macromedia Flash
  • Microsoft Office
  • Front Page
  • Paypal


  • has many shopping cart downloads available for purchase and free trial
  • has an article discussing different software types and how to choose a good one
  • Viart is a company that sells ecommerce software and solutions, and also offers some great, in-depth articles on determining and purchasing what you need

Alternatives to Consider

If you have a basic website, or only offer limited items, Paypal may be all that you need. Working with credit card companies and integrating the software needed into a website is a very long and meticulous process, while Paypal systems are very easy to install.

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