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Selling on eBay has become so prevalent and popular, that tens of millions of Americans have 'part time' jobs as eBay sellers. Anyone can register to sell on the site, and can reach a potential customer base from around the world. The site is basically an online auction, although items can also be sold outright for a fixed price. Buyers and sellers are kept honest by a feedback system, in which each is able to rate the other based on the experience. It is thus in the best interest of all parties to do good business, as badly rated members will find themselves out of business.


eBay's costs vary depending on the price of the item being sold, but there are two fees that are charged for each sale. The first is called an Insertion Fee, which is charged for listing the item. This fee ranges from a few cents for items under a dollar, to $4 for items over $500. If the item is sold, then eBay charges what they call a Final Value Fee, which is fairly complicated, but is basically a charge of 8.75% on $25 for all items. For items over up to $1000, eBay charges 3.5% on the remaining balance. For items over $1000, the same charges apply, plus a 1.5% charge on the balance over $1000.


Sellers can set their auctions for as low as one day, or up to 10. eBay does take some time and dedication to be successful. While, earning a good reputation, making a number of sales, and the like can take weeks or months, setting up an account can be done in about an hour or so.

Action Plan

There are many different ways to sell on eBay, from simply finding some old junk in the basement that you need to get rid of, to looking for items at garage sales and flea markets, to putting items from your own proper store on there to sell. Finding things with high profit margins, that are always in demand (eBay has a 'Hot' item list), and that are easy to package and ship, are good ways to quickly get started. Setting up a "My eBay" page is necessary to publish your information, so buyers can feel good about buying from you, and can ask questions. Throughout the process and after the purchase is made, it is important to keep in mind that the buyers have an opportunity to rate the seller. Sellers should keep in mind that the customer is always right. Keeping one's rating high is more important than making a sale, as customers will not buy from someone who has been rated poorly.

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