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Companies such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN, are leaders in the search engine advertising market. This type of advertising pinpoints users who already have at least some interest in what you are selling because it uses keywords to trigger your ads. Users pick their own keywords and write ads which appear when other users search for related keywords. This type of advertising can also be budget friendly as users can set their budgetary requirements at almost any price. Search engine advertising is the most popular and best way of advertising on the interent, and is a multibillion dollar industry.


The beauty of search advertising is that no one is excluded from being able to purchase keywords, no matter what the price is, although smaller budgets will not be able to purchase as many as larger ones. Budgets can be set for all ranges, and controls exist so that marketers' total campaign budgets won't run over their limits, or all be used at one time. Keywords and campaigns can be set from tens of dollars per month, to tens of thousands.


Campaigns normally begin slowly so as to compile data and compare metrics from various different keywords. Before engaging in a campaign, advertisers should spend some time looking and comparing different keywords, and determining budgets and a long-term strategy.

Action Plan

The first part of any online advertising campaign must be to determine budgetary requirements and limits, then to come up with a plan based on analysis of keywords and market needs. Google provides advertisers with a comprehensive base of tools to use in all phases of the process, and for users who don't use Google, other software analysis and support programs exist also. While Google is by far the industry leader in search advertising, the others, such as Yahoo, and MSN do have their dedicated users also. If a major keyword is too expensive on Google, try the other search engines to see if they offer the same word at a discount. Google's AdWords is by far the most popular and successful search engine advertising model available.

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