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Tips and Tactics

  • Search advertising users should, after doing their due diligence, plan on running several different campaigns at the same time, especially at the beginning, to compare and compile data to see which keywords are indeed the best, and which campaigns' resources could better be spent in other areas.
  • When choosing keywords it's important to know that the wider the subject typically the more expensive if the keyword will be. Finding highly targeted keywords for bargain prices, yet which still have lots of monthly hits is a budget friendly method.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of making a website and its individual pages friendly for the search engines, which results in higher rankings in the search results. SEO can be done a number of ways, but generally what it consists of is adding keywords throughout the text and placing them in certain positions on the pages. Another component, and what is normally considered to be the most powerful part of an SEO campaign is a strong linking campaign. Google and the other search engines consider links from other sites to be votes, and the more links from quality sites, the better the rankings will be for your site.

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