Contextual Paid Advertisements in Search Engine Results

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Search engine ads are the tried and true method of internet advertising, and if there is anything that could be called a traditional method for internet marketing, search engine advertising is it. Google's AdWords is the most popular, successful, and well-known of all search advertising, but Yahoo, MSN, and others offer quality services also. Google, by far, has the largest market share of all online advertising companies, however. Search engine advertising works by matching advertisements with related content, either on individual web pages with similar themes, or by showing up on pages of search results when a user performs a search for a keyword using a search engine. Advertisers of all sizes can use search advertising to fit almost any budget. The price of keywords is determined by bidding, so the most popular words will cost more, making search advertising an extremely competitive market, many times.


Search engine advertising works well for marketers with all budget sizes. Since it is based on an auction model, almost anyone can purchase keywords for a reasonable price, although the amount of times an ad may show will be fewer for those with smaller budgets. Advertisers with small budgets and large amounts of creativity can still find success by finding overlooked, or undervalued keywords to exploit.


Although results can begin to show almost immediately from these ads, time must be given to compile and analyze data. Also, multiple campaigns should be run at the same time, especially at first, to judge which are the more effective. This is an ongoing process which can take weeks or months to determine, as the nature of keywords is never etched in stone.

Action Plan

Determining monthly budgets and doing keyword research are some of the first ways to get started in search engine advertising. When choosing keywords it's important to know that the wider the subject typically the more expensive the keyword will be. Finding highly targeted keywords for bargain prices, yet which still have lots of monthly hits is a budget-friendly method, but it does require some careful study and dedication. After the budget is set and the keywords identified and defined, a variety of tools can be used to measure the campaign and compile data. Google provides advertisers with a comprehensive base of tools to use in all phases of the process, and for users who don't use Google, other software analysis and support programs exist also.

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