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Tips and Tactics

  • Niche markets are great ways for internet advertisers to get in the market without spending as much as it might take to purchase the bigger, more general keywords that everyone is bidding on. For example, if you are in the travel business and you are selling Hawaii vacations, purchasing that particular phrase may be quite expensive. Looking at phrases such as, 'Hawaii Honeymoons', 'Hawaii expeditions', or 'Hawaiian romantic tour' will all likely be cheaper to bid on, and still can produce quality hits.
  • While Google is by far the gold standard in search advertising, the others, such as Yahoo, and MSN do have their dedicated users also. If a major keyword is too expensive on Google, try the other search engines to see if they offer the same word at a discount.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of designing your site so that the search engines pick up on certain keywords, design techniques, and tags, and rank the site higher. SEO can be done a number of ways, but generally what it consists of is adding keywords throughout the text and placing them in certain positions on the pages. Linking is also important, and getting as many quality outside sites to link to yours will also result in higher rankings and more traffic.

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