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Rich Media Advertising Overview

Rich media is a form of dynamic media which can come in the form of videos, audio, flash, animation, or other interactive types of media found online. As far as rich media advertising is concerned, whereas in the past, banner ads, popups, and other static forms of advertising were the norms, rich media provides the next generation of ads, which are more functional, interactive, exciting, and hopefully more effective than the older ways. Examples of rich media advertising are roll-over ads. Whereas banner ads just sat there on the page waiting for users to click on them, rich media ads can expand to several times their normal size, giving advertisers a way to pack more information into their ads, and to be more creative in their advertising techniques. Rich media advertising also can allow users to use videos for their ads, as well as audio.

Resource Requirements

Rich media ads are typically a bit more expensive than banner ads, and can run two or three times the cost, or much more, depending on how much graphics and design work is involved.

Time Allocation for Rich Media Ad Campaigns

Generally, first time marketers underestimate the time required for running rich media advertisements simply because they do not fathom difficulty in producing compelling creatives. It is at least 3 times more difficult, more time consuming, and more expensive to develop ad copy for rich media campaigns as for the text copy. If you hit home run in terms of gaining user's attention and get the viral distribution driven by your users then often times, you get returns far quickly than long running banner ad campaigns.

Execution Plan Template For Rich Media Campaigns

  • Find out what excites your targeted user base
  • Have realistic assessment for your budget and skills of your development team
  • Decide your distribution channel and media availability
  • Hire right creative team
  • Work with creative team to finalize story line first before starting on development
  • Iterate many times till you make it exciting presentation
  • Run it through small focus groups and get their help to refine your message
  • Launch the campaign and do not push too hard
  • If your campaign does not deliver desired results, learn what worked and what did not so that you are better prepared for next time

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