How To Get Customers to Internet Retail Stores

Tips and Tactics

  • Of key importance to retail marketing is to know your customers, the demographic make up of who buys your products, and their shopping habits. Certain industries and products may not translate well to the realm of ecommerce and may be better suited for a traditional retail campaign, while others may flourish online and lag in stores. Understanding generational shopping and buying habits is just one way to do this. For example, generally people from older generations may not be as comfortable making purchases online, which means having to enter their credit card numbers, while younger people who have grown up with the internet, will likely feel much more comfortable shopping online.
  • Another mistake that companies often make is spending too much time looking inwards at themselves and their products, while overlooking the customers' needs. While it is important to understand your own company and products, one eye must always be focused on your industry as a whole, and you must understand the larger trends, as well as the smaller ones.

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