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RSS feeds have been around for quite some time, but have been overlooked by marketers and most internet users until recently. With the Web 2.0 and shared and dynamic media and websites becoming the industry standard, these overlooked tools are now taking off and being used by marketers and advertisers to quickly and easily reach their clients. RSS allows for easy and rapid syndication of blogs and websites which are often updated. RSS is a terrific way for direct marketers, ezine publishers, ecommerce marketers, bloggers, and other online publishers to reach a wider audience and to keep in touch with their regular readers. In a nutshell, readers who sign up for RSS feeds for their favorite websites receive updates in the form of headlines as soon as they are published, and don't have to keep visiting the site over and over to check for updates. Marketers can use this system to distribute coupons, talk to affiliates, announce deals and special offers, and much more.


RSS feeds cost nothing to set up or to subscribe to. The only real cost is the extra advertising that you might choose to do, such as adding an AdWords campaign on top of your RSS campaign.


Signing up for RSS feeds is extremely easy and simple for both publishers and readers. Readers only need to click on the subscription button and they are automatically signed up for the updated feeds.

Action Plan

The key to successful RSS advertising is finding a niche in whatever industry your business is involved in and begin publishing important articles, offers, videos, podcasts, and any other media form at your disposal. In the beginning stages, the most important key is to do everything possible to gain new readers and keep the ones you already have. Contests, and encouraging reader feedback and participation are a couple of ways to keep interest high. Once you have built up readership, then you can start focusing on your RSS campaign and advertising.

Continue to Part II: Advertising on Blog Feeds»

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