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Promotional newsletters are great ways for marketers to establish themselves as experts in their chosen fields, and to communicate special offers, deals, and to explain their company's products and services in an in-depth and informative document. Newsletters can be sent via mail or email, and are the perfect way to establish a corporate identity, shape public perception, address clients in a unique and interesting way, and make a connection with your readers. While ads are targeted and punchy selling techniques, promotional newsletters provide a forum in which companies and marketers can provide readers with useful tips on how to use the products,


Anyone with good writing skills can produce a winning newsletter for nothing. Compiling and keeping good mailing lists can be done for free, or lists can be rented for around $100 per 1000 addresses. Aside from that expense, freelance writers can be hired for reasonable rates.


Typically the most successful newsletters are those that are published on a regular basis, which means that the next one should always be in production. Likewise, compiling mailing, lead, and contact lists should be a full time job also. The creation and distribution of email newsletters is much quicker than traditional newsletters. While the printing and mailing of hard copy newsletters takes quite some time, electronic distribution makes the whole process much easier.

Practical Tips

Time can be saved on the production and design stage of the newsletter by using templates, which are empty designs which can be easily customized with fonts, colors, designs, logos, graphics, and more. Basically, with templates, no programming has to be done- just plug in the various pieces and it is ready for mailing. Newsletters are also great ways to get hits to your website. Teaser articles can be written in which a section of the article is published in the newsletter, but the reader has to visit the site to finish reading the whole piece.

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