Attracting New Customers By Offering Special Promotions

Tips and Tactics

  • The content in newsletters should never be a hard sell. In fact, the opposite seems to be the best tactic. The articles and information included should be useful and well-written, and should offer real ideas that could be helpful to your audience. Writing pieces about the industry as a whole, and mentioning only briefly how your company fits into the bigger picture shows objectivity and will make the publication sound more like a news outlet than a sales pitch (which is good).
  • Keeping readers interested is a key ingredient to a successful campaign, so having a way for them to be involved in the newsletter, such as posting testimonials, asking them to guest write articles, and offering giveaways to regular readers are all great ways to keep interest high. Coming up with fresh content on a regular basis can be tough, so having a space dedicated to publishing and answering reader emails or otherwise publishing feedback is a great way to generate content. Once readership is high and you have a good response rate, you can even start to think about selling advertising space.

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