Promotional Offers to Increase Website Traffic


Managing several different promotional campaigns can be difficult to track, and creating and updating coupons and other promotions can allow businesses to remain nimble and competitive in an ever-changing market. In business, flexibility is key, and promotional management tools allow users to set promotions for individual customers, demographics, or groups. Through this software, businesses can create, assign, and apply discounts to a variety of products, and make offers to whomever they see fit. These coupons can include percentage discounts, dollar discounts, free shipping, and whatever else the dealer chooses.

Costs and Skills Required

Anyone who has the skill to manage a ecommerce, or esales business should be able to master promotional management software with few problems. Many of the tools come complete with wizards and set up options to help inexperienced users integrate the programs into their existing architecture with relative ease. Quite often, this software does not come cheap, sometimes costing anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand, depending on the size of the business.

Selection Checklist

  • Supports multiple promotions and campaigns
  • Define scheduled launch dates
  • Create and manage unlimited promotions
  • Coupon triggered promotions
  • Schedule recurring promotions
  • Design promotions for demographic groups, or single customers

Execution Details

Keeping staff and customers on the same page is important, and promotional marketing software allows marketers to set their campaigns via spreadsheets or email addresses, and integrates retail analytics and email campaign management. When this is done, the software then allows users to be able to successfully drive traffic to your deals.

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