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Tips and Tactics

  • Some promotional management tools offer users, in addition to coupons and other promotions, the ability to upsell or cross sell items to their customers. By having all of these tools at your disposal, it is easy to suggest new promotions, sell them related items, and put together package deals for individuals, groups, or across the board.
  • Keeping one eye on the competition is always important in business, and being able to quickly react to changes in the market will serve businesses of all sizes well. Tracking market forces and watching how the competition responds to them, then being able to control and manage your own inventory and prices, will allow your company the nimbleness to stay ahead of the curve.

Additional Tools

  • Web analytics
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Ecommerce website
  • Inventory and supply management
  • Cross selling tools
  • Upselling tools


  • offers a variety of promotion management and web analytics tools and programs, as well as integrated retail management solutions
  • provides an index of software makers and distributors for a number of products, and for businesses of all sizes
  • is a solutions provider offering a variety of cross selling, promotional management, volume pricing, and other e-sales options. Additionally, their site offers some articles and resources to present and potential clients

Additional Considerations

Web analytics are a great way that webmasters can manage their advertising campaigns and learn useful facts about the behavior of their visitors. Web analytics provide the metrics that can be used to determine the success or failure of advertising campaigns, and to test new strategies regarding web design and marketing. Some analytics tools are provided free to advertisers by many of the largest internet advertisers, such as the Googles, and Yahoos of the net.

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