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Product seeding is quite similar to celebrity endorsements, evangelist marketing, and is a grassroots way of planting a product so that it can be seen by important or influential people. An example of product seeding would be getting a celebrity to wear a certain hat or to hold a particular drink when being photographed or interviewed. Product seeding also can be done in smaller ways online, such as visiting forums and advocating for a particular product by someone who has a good reputation there.


Typically the only costs are the free products and services that are given away, although if some sponsorships require financial obligations, then these must be factored in as well.


There is no fixed timeframe for a product seeding campaign to be successful, as all word of mouth campaigns are different and require different amounts of time to spread. These are typically not overnight solutions and probably require several weeks, if not months, to see the results.

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Product seeding is a great way for new companies to create a buzz around their products and services, if done correctly. While not always guaranteed, this type of marketing can be extremely powerful and useful, to create interest in something before it hits the market. Movie studios are great at using the viral effect to generate interest in an upcoming feature. Trailers which tell nothing about the story, yet which are intense and captivating, are shown before big blockbusters to get people talking about an upcoming movie. In general, the entertainment industry uses this type of marketing better than anyone, or rather companies use the entertainment industry better than anyone. Even on a local level, -companies who can attract well-known or influential people, local celebrities, musicians, sports figures, and television personalities, can successfully use this type of campaign to heighten interest in a new product.

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