Techniques to get most out of Print Advertising Campaigns

Tips and Tactics

  • Print advertising should be catchy and eye-catching first, and also should be succinct and clear in the message that your ad is trying to convey. It may sound strange to say, but time is at a premium in the print advertising business. When readers glance through a magazine or newspaper, they do not spend much time viewing the ads, and if they do, they typically spend only a few seconds on each one. Designing your ad to catch the eye and hold it long enough to get your message across to the reader should be your first priority.
  • Oftentimes, contracts can be written with magazines and newspapers in which advertisers agree to place ads for a fixed period of time, say one year, in exchange for a discounted rate. Print advertising works, as do most forms of advertising, on the principle of repetition. By constantly running an ad, and constantly staying on your message, your ad will have a greater chance of having success.

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