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Press releases are used every day by companies, people, and organizations around the world to quickly, efficiently, and accurately let the public know news about the company, new products, or any other information that they would like to spread. The Internet has allowed press releases to be released and circulated extremely quickly. Sites like allow businesses and organizations to upload for free there are press releases which then can be quickly distributed throughout the Internet. Press releases typically follow a form or writing style, so mastering this style is helpful in creating waiting and eye catching press releases.


The cost of press releases is basically nothing, if done in house. Perhaps the services of a professional writer may be employed is needed, and professional riders can be found online to write press releases starting at around $50.00. Once a press release is written all that remains is to E mail at or otherwise send it to news organizations or other outlets for distribution.


Press releases are typically fairly short and run anywhere from a few hundred words to perhaps a couple of thousand. Basically all that is needed is the time it takes to write this perhaps a couple of hours. Distribution and circulation of a press release can be instant if the internet is used, or various times depending on other distribution methods.

Media Strategy

For companies releasing a new product, service, or anything else newsworthy, issuing a press release is a quick easy and free way to gain publicity. The first step is to know exactly what information you wish to release. A good press release for a company will mention a few lines regarding the history, purpose, and direction of the company's history and future path, in addition to dealing with the major subject. If you or someone in your office possesses strong writing skills that can easily write a good press release. Simply studying and reading several examples is enough to understand the basics of the concept. Press releases can be sent to news organizations, directly to consumers, customers, shareholders, and other distribution outlets.

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