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Press releases are an easy and powerful tool that marketers can use to get the word out about company news, product releases, new offers, changes in management, and any other newsworthy happening. Creating a winning press release is a science as well as an art, but not all of us possess the writing skills needed to clearly articulate exactly what it is that we want to say. Using press release templates can help non-professional writers, and even professionals, to create a perfect layout for what they want to say, and to organize their thoughts. Although press releases seem to be fairly straightforward pieces, they do require some skill, and any help that can be provided can help the whole process go smoothly and make your press release all the more powerful.

Costs and Skills Required

Press release templates don't require any special skills, other than being able to use a word processing program. These templates allow users to write the releases in already defined spaces, such as introductory paragraphs, body paragraphs, and others, depending on the individual need and the template. Templates can be found online for free, or ordered for a small fee, but should never cost very much.


  • Comes with contact and distribution information
  • Has placeholders for videos, images, and website links
  • Generates RSS feed
  • Can be easily posted on blogs and social network profiles
  • The comments and highlights can be pulled into a widget that can be syndicated by users
  • Integrates with MS Word, and Excel for contact list
  • Press release tracking tools
  • Various customizable templates included

Usage Details

Anyone who sends press releases should use templates to make their work easier. After choosing and downloading the desired template, simply write or cut and paste into the various parts of the template, your text, and fill in the individual contact information for your company. After proofreading and spell checking, it is ready to send. If you have a bulk emailing program, you can upload the contacts' addresses that typically come with the template, and blast it out to literally thousands, or tens of thousands of media members.

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