Press Release 2.0 and Press Release for Bloggers

Tips and Tactics

  • Be sure that your press release template comes with a full contact list for distribution, especially if you are paying for the template. Rather than having to manually search for and input the various addresses, these templates will come with this information already included.
  • The information that you include in the press release should be newsworthy, and the press release should be as professional as possible. If not, your release will likely do more harm than good, and make your company look amateurish.
  • Keeping an eye on keywords in your press release and using as many as possible is a great way to try to get some free publicity from the search engines, especially if the release is designed more for online distribution than television or others.

Additional Tools

  • Bulk email sender
  • Email tracking tool
  • Keyword suggestion tool


  • offers some sample press release templates that users can view, as well as an assortment of tips and articles on writing great press releases
  • is a press release website which is used by many media outlets to find interesting and newsworthy press releases, and can be used by anyone to upload their releases for distribution
  • is a press release resource site which offers many great tips, guidelines, and templates for writing winning press releases

Alternatives to Consider

In addition to sending your press release to media members, consider also mailing it to your customer contact list, and even including it in your newsletter. Press releases should typically be around 500 words, which makes them a nice size to send in an email. Readers typically won't spend time reading long documents sent through email, but a shorter, direct piece has a good chance of being read.

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