Writing Effective Press Releases Quickly and Effortlessly

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Press releases are great, low-cost ways of generating free publicity for a website, business, promotion, product, or service. Whenever large corporations, politicians, movie stars, and others wish to make a statement to the public or news outlets, they simply issue a press statement to a television reporter, or make a call to the newspaper which is quickly distributed throughout all the major news services. Now, the internet has made it possible for businesses and marketers of all sizes to create and quickly distribute their own press releases online to thousands of news services with just the click of a button.

Costs and Skills Required

Press release software is very easy to use, and can save users hours of work. For anywhere from tens to a few hundred dollars, a user can have the ability to send a press release to thousands of media outlets without having to use a PR firm, which can cost many times what a press release software package does. Anyone with basic internet skills should be able to quickly master and use these tools to blast out emails to the people who can put their business over the top.

Selection Checklist

  • Press release formatting
  • Templates
  • Email address cloaking
  • Excel compatible
  • Large database of media contacts installed
  • Creates call back links
  • AOL compatible
  • Text or HTML formatting

Software Details

Oftentimes, press release software contains everything that is needed to create and distribute press releases all in one package, from beginning to end. Some of these software suites contains templates which can be used to outline and create official and professional press releases, and then to send the document out to hundreds or thousands of media outlets for further distribution.

Continue to Part II: Automated Press Release »

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