Ready to Use Templates for SEO Optimized Press Releases

Tips and Tactics

  • Press releases are written for customers, but also for reporters and other media people. Making reporters and the media's jobs just a little easier will pay off for your business in the long run, and make your press releases more useful. A press release should give the media a chance to talk about your company and your products, so making your press release straightforward and easy to understand will help achieve the purpose for which you are writing in the first place. Be sure to include lots of relevant and accurate facts, as well as all the contact information that anyone could need.
  • The first few lines or sentences should be the most powerful, so make sure that you get to the point right away.

Additional Tools

  • Bulk email sender
  • Spell checker
  • Email address parser


  • offers users a software package that allows for professional press release generation and mass mailing to almost 30,000 contacts that are already built into the software's database
  • offers a press release suite which comes complete with templates, formatting, and other creation tools. What's more, the tool is free, only asking for a donation to Ronald McDonald Charities
  • offers lots of tips and resources for making sure that your press release is professional and useful to readers

Alternatives to Consider

If you feel that your company needs official representation, then a public relations firm can go the distance for your company, and employing their services can mean that your company has all the contacts and resources of a professional firm at your disposal, but the price is generally several times that of a press release software suite. Many times, this software comes complete with contacts for all of the main media outlets. Only you know what is best for your business, so each business owner must weigh the pros and cons of each option.

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