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Press releases can help a company to get the word out about corporate news, new products, sales, specials, management changes, and more. Of course, writing these documents is just the first step in the process. Once the release is written, getting it into the hands of media members who can help distribute it to the major and influential outlets is the next challenge. Users who pay for press release templates may have contact information for hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of media contacts. Finding these contacts on one's own could be a time consuming and exhausting endeavor, but having a service to distribute your finished press release will insure that your document gets into the right hands, and that the people with influence know about your company and your latest news.

Costs and Skills Required

Press release distribution services don't require any special skills, other than being able to upload your press release to the site, and to optimize it for internet distribution, and for search engines, if need be. Some of these services are free, and other require users to pay a fee to join the service, which can cost from tens of dollar to upwards of $100, depending on which service is needed.

Checklist for Selecting Distribution Service

  • Distribution to all major outlets
  • Integration of Social Networking Tools such as Delicious, Digg, Yahoo Buzz, and StumbledUpon
  • Access and Reach to A List Bloggers
  • Press release tracking tools included
  • Keyword linking
  • Supports image attachments
  • SEO
  • Provides statistics

Usage Details

Users can use templates to help in the creation of their press releases, a service which can be provided when using a distribution service. When writing the press release, care should be taken to keep in mind that if the press release will be posted online in several locations, that keywords and SEO should be done to improve the chances that it will register with the search engines. Once the release is uploaded to the distribution service, it can then be tracked using a set of tools, which show to whom it has been sent, and the path that it travels.

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