New Product or Service Announcements to Press

Tips and Tactics

  • In addition to using a press release service, users should always spend time compiling their own contact lists, which should include lots of local outlets. While press release distribution services are great for getting the word out about your products to a nationwide, or even worldwide audience, they may miss the mark on the local level. Users can also benefit by mailing their press releases to their most valued customers.
  • Press releases should always contain all the relevant contact information about your company, such as email addresses, telephone numbers, physical addresses, and contact people's names.
  • If at all possible, try to get your press release out in the morning, and on slow news days. Of course, this is hard to predict, but making sure that something like a presidential election or huge sporting event won't be dominating the news on the day you send out your press release is one factor that can be watched for.

Additional Tools

  • Web analytics
  • Writing templates
  • Bulk email sender
  • Autoresponder


  • offers some great tips on distributing your press releases, and some tips on writing great ones
  • is a business-based social network, which provides great resources and connections for getting a press release out
  • is a community service organization-based site which offers great ideas on press release distribution and media list management

Alternatives to Consider

While press release distribution services can help get your press release out to influential media people, with time and effort, users can create their own list of media contacts, and with a bulk email sending tool, can mail out the releases themselves.

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